MIDI parts and programs

• Dec 6, 2018 - 01:41

Where can I find documentation/information about how MIDI parts and program changes happen in MuseScore scores? I found on the MuseScore website a score for one of J.S. Bach's organ pieces; when I played it via the website, all parts were organ sounds; however, when I downloaded the score and played it on MuseScore (the app), each part plays as a different orchestral instrument. I took a look in the mixer and see that there are many MIDI parts set, each one with a different orchestral instrument; however, I am not able to figure out where each MIDI part and instrument (program change) gets assigned to each staff. I did try to find and read documentation online but was not able to figure it out. Thanks for any help. (If there is documentation available feel free to just point me to it and I'll do the reading...)


Most likely the score audio was loaded with the score. The person who uploaded the score would probably be willing to explain what they did, just ask on the page you downloaded it from.

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