Early music ligatures

• Dec 6, 2018 - 14:48

I'm preparing a print edition of a handwritten early music mass in modern notation.
Is there a way to add ligatures (like slurs but straight and sometimes broken). I've tried using various combinations from the lines menu.


I'm not 100% sure on what you are trying to implement, but there are two things that should help you.

You can put slurs into edit mode and move the middle grab box up or down (depending on the direction of the slur) to make them flatter. To put them in edit mode, either double click it, press ctrl+e, or edit it as soon as you apply it since it defaults to edit mode.

Next, in the inspector the is a Line type field that gives you a couple of dashed and dotted options.

There is a third option. If the line is solid and straight, add a glissando. You can remove the checks from Play and Show Text on the glissando to make it look like a solid line that will stay attached to the two notes. If for some reason this line needs to "skip" a note, you can put the glissando in edit mode, select an end grab box and use shift+ arrows to attach it to the next or previous note.

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