• Dec 6, 2018 - 23:08

Downloaded V3 and spent most of the day playing and trying things out. Very impressed and well done to all involved in this latest version. I haven't (yet) found anything insurmountable. However, I seemed to spend a very long time seaching various levels of menus and options trying to find "things" which have moved from where they used to be in V2. In my opinion, to release the full V3 without an updated manual and v3 help will cause problems for users.

One thing I couldn't find at all was how to change note-heads to the Tonic-Sofa/Solfage option. Under which menu option does this appear?


The manual is being worked on and should be quite useful when the final is released.

You can find the different note heads in the staff properties (Right click a staff, select staff properties) under the Advanced Style Properties button. There is a dropdown right above the preview.

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