Delete Measure removed in Musescore 3.x?

• Dec 7, 2018 - 00:51

Was the delete measure (not delete stuff in a measure) Delete the actual measure....
Was that removed?

I hope that feature wasn't removed at the expense of the automated placement.

Because for serious musicians, the delete measure function is much more important than auto placement.

If delete measure was removed, I personally will stick with 2.2 until it is no longer supported.

And the reason it is of paramount importance? If you need to change time signatures inside a piece, later, due to a notation error, or whatever the reason, I need to delete the extra measure.


For anyone reading this, the short version: the command was never removed. We mistakenly thought everyone knew the shortcut Ctrl+delete (works in all versions of MuseScore) and wouldn't care if it the menu option were removed. Obviously, we were wrong, so now it is added back, under Tools, with just some quibbling left over the naming.

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