Request to rename "Timewise delete" command

• Dec 4, 2018 - 20:48
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You can delete mesure with the shortcut (ctrl+suppr)
But there is no entry in the menu...


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For the record, the command is no longer to just delete measures but to delete whatever is selected, including partial measures. I agree it should be visible in the menu somewhere, there are other issues discussing this general idea, but I've leave this open as the msot recent and the most focused on the specific question of the item in main menu.

Status active fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit ecfaa4bdad

fix #114366, fix #279389, fix #278051: Add the lost Measure menu into the Tools menu

Add Timewise delete as a menu item into the Tools menu
Add "Delete selected measures" action into the measures selection context menu

The only difference with 2.3.2 is that calling Ctrl+Del(Cmd+Backspace) on elements range will call timewise delete, not the deletion of selected measures

Status fixed active

Only to understand it: Why there are different terms between "delete selected measures" inside the the context menu and "timewise delete" inside the the menu entry for the same action? I could also imagine to use "remove selected measures" or "remove selected range" for this. Above: I'm not sure if this action should better be available via menu->edit (?).

I like "Remove selected range", since even from the Measure context menu, the operation is not limited to whole measures. And it makes sense to not use the same word as the other "Delete" command -- the one that removes content, but leaves the timeline intact.

Although, now that I think about it, the "selected range" part is pretty much implied, isn't it?

Here is what I think:
The Measure context menu should have a command called "Clear contents" that will clear the contents of that measure, and only that measure, no matter what is selected. It should have another command called "Remove from score" that will perform a timewise delete on that entire measure, and only that measure, no matter what is selected.

My last thought's for now (it's fast past midnight in Germany and the thoughts slow down ;): I think there should be a clear difference between deleting the content of measures and removing parts from a score. I agree the term "clear" could be useful for it (for selected measures/for the range within the selected measures).
With "timewise" I associate "for a while", it doesn't make sense for an user. Maybe my (German) skills are not enough, to find a good translation/correspondence for this term.
Above a minor issue: Inside the context menu should be also mentioned the shortcut.

Title Can't delete measure from menu Request to rename "Timewise delete" command
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Since you can delete from menu, a more accurate title would help. Since the most common use of this command is still to delete measures, I'd want to think about wordings like "Delete selected measures or range"

It seems that many people think of this command as "Delete measures" or similar.
"Timewise delete" may not be the best name, but changing it to something that includes the word 'measure' does not seem the best.
It can delete measures, notes, rests and barlines. So if anything it should be 'Delete selected elements'.

And on the other side +1 for "insert mode" instead of "timewise mode" - like the behavior of the "ins" key inside a text editor (insert/overtype).

So what's the plan here? I have 3.3.4 and as far as I can tell there is no main menu option anywhere to delete a measure, and despite lots of threads referencing something called "Timewise Delete" on the Tools menu, no such thing is there. The context menu still has "Remove selected measure(s)" and the keyboard shortcut command-delete/ctrl+backspace works, but it seems like this should be an easy-to-find option in the Edit menu or Tools->Measure submenu..

The command was renamed to Tools / Remove Selected Range, that is where it is for 3.3.4 and has been for the past several releases (since 3.1, according to the log shown above).

If you don't see such a command, it is possible you are in a custom workspace that is presenting only a limited subset of the menus. I gather the MDL extension does that for some reason.

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