Restore "Delete selected measures" options to menus

• Nov 10, 2018 - 16:40
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In the speed menu (right click) there are options to insert measures. In version 2 there was also an option to delete measures. Removing the delete option makes no sense. Please restore it. The insert measures option is still there.


Title Restore measure delete options to menus Restore "Delete selected measures" options to menus

While at it, add it back to the Edit menu too.

This has come up before, in #114366: Add "Delete Selected Measures" command to context menu. See also for some interesting discussion related to this topic. In particular, this comment from Werner Schweer, and this comment from Marc Sabatella.

I would suggest renaming the current "Delete" command to "Clear", since that more accurately describes what it does. Then add a "Delete" command to the Edit menu and the Measure context menu that performs the timewise delete operation. Then there would be no reason to have a "Delete Selected Measures" command in the Edit menu.

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Fixed in branch master, commit ecfaa4bdad

fix #114366, fix #279389, fix #278051: Add the lost Measure menu into the Tools menu

Add Timewise delete as a menu item into the Tools menu
Add "Delete selected measures" action into the measures selection context menu

The only difference with 2.3.2 is that calling Ctrl+Del(Cmd+Backspace) on elements range will call timewise delete, not the deletion of selected measures

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This new layout really makes no sense. Delete a measure was previously under the Measure submenu, and is now disguised as the confusing "Timewise Delete" in the tools menu on the same level as measures. I would suggest that using the exact same code to do the work, "Delete selected measure(s)" should be under the measure submenu. This will be much easier to explain to other users when the time comes (like in

S'il vous plaît, remettez la possibilité de supprimer plusieurs mesures à la fois ! Musescore 3
Je ne comprends pas la raison pour laquelle vous l'avez enlevé.
Je crois que je vais retourner à la version précédente de Muscore ...

Sorry for writting in french, I didn't find the french forum.
Google's translation isn't perfect, I wrote "deleting several measures together" I didn't mean to aks you "at once" ! :-)

I used to find "delete selected measures" in the menu (Musescore 2) and it was great.
Thanks for telling me about Ctrl+Del, I had never used that command before. I just tried it, it works !!