Add "Delete Selected Measures" command to context menu

• Jun 7, 2016 - 23:10
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I created .mscz file with 32 bars. Then I added some bars. After that the last bars (only filled with pauses) can not be deleted, even not a single bar.

See attached file.

Revision: 3c7a69d



To delete a bar or range of bars, select and then press Ctrl+Delete (Cmd+Delete on Mac?). Simply pressing Delete alone deletes the *contents* of the bars only.

Please let us know if that solves your problem. If not, please givew us more precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem.

As per the problem seems to be the right-click menu, claiming that a simple Del deletes a measure, where in reality it deletes the content of the selected measures, not the measures themself, so far this is by design and consistent, the other entries, copy, cut, paste, are about content too.

I guess it would make sense to add another entry, "Delete measure Ctrl+Del"

Title Bars can not be deleted Add "Delete Selected Measures" command to context menu
Status (old) needs info active

OK, so this a feature request to add "Delete Selected Measures" to the right click menu, then. The command itself works just fine -invoked from either Ctrl+Del or Edit / Measure; but a third method might be desirable as well.

No, I wouldn't rush into that. There are lots of commands that are valid on selections - transpose, stretch, voice exchange, slash fill, etc- and the context menu would be far too cluttered if we added them all. Measure join/split is a rarely used (by most people) command and would not make the short list of commands worth adding IMHO.

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I changed the priority of this one. Not having a simple way to delete a measure might be just a suggestion or a minor issue but the priority is high to solved it before release. Does that sound good according to the new issue tracker rules ?

Status active fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit ecfaa4bdad

fix #114366, fix #279389, fix #278051: Add the lost Measure menu into the Tools menu

Add Timewise delete as a menu item into the Tools menu
Add "Delete selected measures" action into the measures selection context menu

The only difference with 2.3.2 is that calling Ctrl+Del(Cmd+Backspace) on elements range will call timewise delete, not the deletion of selected measures