V3 Beta problem with continuous vs page view

• Dec 7, 2018 - 10:19

I have entered 82 bars (TTBB plus piano) using continuous view as always. Once I've completed the note input, I go to page view and usually add a few line breaks to make everything look ok. In this instance all I've done is to add line breaks to separate the piano accompaniment at the end of each verse, hiding empty staves at the same time.
Works fine everywhere EXCEPT bars 41-44.
Everything is ok in continuous view but in page view bars 41-44 have lost the bass clef for the piano accompaniment and i can't understand why.

If I remove the line break from bar 44, it gets even worse by "losing" the next 4 bars when viewed in page view but they are still there because they can all be seen in continuous view.
Anyone can see the problem just by going from continuous view to page view and back in the attached file.

What have I done and how should I correct the problem?

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Morte Criste Continuous.mscz 29.25 KB


I don't see the problem, so that leads me to believe it was fixed after the release of the first beta. I'm still going through the information from the last 12 hours and have not yet seen the release of the second beta, but after it is released, install that and see if the problem is fixed.

And please do let us know one way or the other.

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