Problem with transposing instruments

• Dec 10, 2018 - 15:51

I have a real issue when a score uses (a) transposing instrument(s).
I always notice that the transposition is correct, but that the key signature always shows at concert pitch.

This is highly annoying, as there are inevitably extra naturals etc. in the score and leads to extra work when transposing the wole score at concert pitch.

For example, I have a piece here in E flat, which contains a Bb Clarinet part, that part is written in F, but has a key signature of 3 flats (Eb), and so all the Es and As have a natural in front of them.

If I transpose the part to E flat, the key signature will change with it.

Have I missed a setting somewhere or is it a bug?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.


You missed something. You are looking at the score in concert pitch. There is a button between the metronome and camera that says "Concert pitch." If it is pressed, you see the score in concert pitch. If it's not pressed you see the score transposed. MuseScore automagically transposes the necessary instruments for you.

As a result, you never need to force a key signature change or use the Transpose menu option on a single instrument to make it in the correct key.

I find this very useful. When I compose original music, I do it in concert pitch so I don't have to transpose on the fly. When I'm transcribing a score, I do normally this in Transposed pitch, since most scores are written in transposed pitch.

In version 2.x, the "Classical Orchestra" templates had concert pitch turned on, while the other symphonic templates had concert pitch turned off. You may have experienced this bug, which I believe is being fixed in version 3.

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Yes, Mike,
it must be that bug you are talking about.
When I switch between concert pitch and transposed the key signature (in concert pitch) changes to 5 flats (Db major) but the music is written in E flat, like it should, of course, with all the Ds and Gs with a natural in front of them in the score.
When switching to.transposed, the music is, once again written in the correct key (F major) but with a key signature of 3 flats (Eb major) and all Es and As being made natural in the score.

So, I assume it is that bug you are talking about.

I just hope they hurry up with version 3.

Thank you for your help.
Kind regards.

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You can fix this by paying attention to the concert pitch button. Also, if you enter the key signature and the clarinet has the same key signature as the oboe, you have concert pitch pressed. Just click it and everything will be fine. I believe this template is what caused me confusion about the concert pitch button for a long time before I got used to what it looked like pressed and not pressed.

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thank you, everyone.

The problem is, I didn't make the score.
Someone sent it to me and asked me to make an arrangement out of it for 4 concert pitch instruments.
So, when transposing the clarinet down one tone is when all the trouble started.
(And obviously I saw that the key signature in relation to the real key of the part was wrong).

But, thanks anyway and I heope they fix the template soon.

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