Uploading changes original on my computer

• Dec 10, 2018 - 17:00

I just uploaded a file to share for the first time. The file was processed and displayed on the MuseScore site. As soon as I saw the file on the website, I realized I made a mistake (which I understand and can fix). The problem is that the original file on my network now displays a notice that it is corrupt. When I click on "Ignore" and open the file anyway, I see the same problem as was displayed in the version on MuseScore. In other words, it appears that my original was replaced as part of the upload process. Is this normal behavior?

It's understandable that some checks are done on files as they are uploaded. But under no circumstances should the original file on one's private machine be altered -- this is completely unacceptable. (I do have backups, so all is not lost.) Comments?


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Thanks for the link (the issue does involve note values). However, I am less concerned about fixing the score than understanding why my original was changed/corrupted as part of the uploading process. I regularly send files to various uses and sites and have never encountered anything like this.

"Save online", when done the 1st time, indeed modifies your score: it enters the score URL into the scores metadata, AKA Score Properties.
But it should not cause any other changes and certainly no corruption

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Thanks for the reply and letting me know that MuseScore does modify the file by adding a URL. I dragged the file from a network location into the box where you can drop/drop (or select the location); I did not use the save online from within MuseScore. Perhaps it doesn't matter which method you use. I just looked at the bad file and there is no URL (not even an empty field for a URL) shown in Score Properties.

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I double-checked some final edits immediately before uploading and the file was fine; after seeing the incorrectly uploaded file, just minutes later, I went back to the original and it showed the same error as the uploaded version. My backup copies also do not have this error.

When you download a score it is placed in the download location for your browser. Mine defaults to a folder called "Downloads." This score does not replace the one you already had on your computer, but you can edit and save this score, which will update the one in your download location. The original score is still there and you should see it listed under recent files which. Currently open files are not listed in recent files.

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Thanks, Mike, but I did not download anything. I dragged the file from its location to the box on the site; some seconds went by while the site said "processing"; then the score was displayed on the site without any error message, but with all the timing messed up. The file begins with a 1/16 note upbeat, and MuseScore decided that the whole movement should have a time signature of 1/16 rather than 4/4. I deleted this file from the site, thinking that I had done something wrong in the pickup measure. Upon going back to the version on my network, intending to fix the error, I found that it now showed 1/16 as the time signature. A backup, however, shows that I did change the pickup measure to show actual 1/16 but nominal 4/4, which I believe is the correct way to handle an anacrusis.

Again, I am mainly concerned with understanding WHY the file on my network got corrupted. (I edited it often with no issues until I uploaded it this morning.) I am using MuseScore 2.3.2, so we are not dealing with the output of an old version (or, for that matter, from the new Beta 3).

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