Turning a piano staff into two other staffs, instead

• Dec 12, 2018 - 20:25

Hi, I started this piece as a piano one, but wanted to change it to flute and contrabass flute. How do I split the piano staff into two separate lines, a treble and a bass? And is it possible to change voices (like, to a violin) partway through the piece?


Hi, open a new Piano 2 staves. Copy the first on the 2nd. So you get 2 pianos of 2 staves each.

In EDIT---INSTRUMENT you have your 2 Pianos with, each, 2 staves. On the first you delete the Bass , in the 2nd, delete the treble (touch DELETE in the INSTRUMENT Window).

Now you have 2 separed staves, select the 1st, right click STAVE PROPRIETIES CHANGE INSTRUMENT, look for FLUTE, it's done. Do the same for Contabass Flute with the 2nd

You need to add at least one of the instruments (lets use the contabass flute) and copy it's notes to the new instrument. Next you will want to change the piano to the other instrument (the flute) by right click the piano staff, choose staff properties and click the change instruments button and select the new instrument (the flute). Finally you can delete the extra staff by pressing i to open the instruments dialog box, select staff 2 under piano (because you copied its notes to the contrabass flute already) and click the remove button then OK. You must click OK to accept the changes, other methods don't work.

To change instruments part way through see https://musescore.org/en/handbook/mid-staff-instrument-changes

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