• Dec 13, 2018 - 01:57

Dear Sirs, it is advisable to use BETA version 3.0 or better to wait for its stability
Thanks for your advice.


It would be very appreciated if you used the BETA to help test it. Keep in mind there is a higher chance that you may lose all of your work to a crash, so it's advisable to save often or keep autosave on. It is actually becoming quite stable and most of the problems are cosmetic, but those should not be noticeable when the final 3.0 comes out.

There are newer test versions called "Nightlies" found at Select the second file listed for your operating system and you will have the latest nightly. The first one is used only for much older nightly versions. The nightly I suggest that you use has many bugs in the last BETA fixed.

Beta versions are primarily for testing purposes, and many problems are being reported. The development team is fixing them almost as fast as the reports come in.

So, if you'd like to help find problems and see them fixed, please download the latest 3.0 Beta from and dive right in! If you'd rather not, other testers are already on the job, and the reported problems are being fixed so quickly that it won't be long before the reports trickle out and the real, stable MuseScore 3.0 is released.

Today's beta update brings us that much closer to the stability one would expect of a released product. Still a few known crashes and corruptions, but it's becoming usable indeed. I wouldn;'t depend on it for your life's work quite yet, though.

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