Unable to change the Header from all pages back to first page only

• Dec 16, 2018 - 09:38

I have been experimenting a bit with some music and I set the header to appear on every page (add and even). Now when I select first page only, the text still appears on all pages.
Any help appreciated.


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There is no "First Page Only" setting for header/footer, just an "Also on First Page" settings.
Some meta tags are first page only though, $C, or not on first page, like $p

There is no First page only option in headers. The check box is for first page also. It is normal to omit all headers on page 1, so the option has been allowed to omit headers and footers on page one.

If you want something to appear only on header 1, you have to lie to MuseScore, don't worry it'll never know. In score properties make the Copyright what you want to appear only on page 1. Then place the $C (it must be a captital C) where you want the item to appear. Keep in mind that this means you will have to find another way to enter the real copyright if you want it anywhere.

01. Pour, oh pour the pirate sherry.mscz

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