mp3 export appears to be not working

• Dec 17, 2018 - 09:10

I have this morning tried to export some scores as mp3 files and it does not appear to be working. I have tried several different scores to see if it was specific to one but none of them are exporting. Any ideas?

Thank you


Me again. I should have included this in my original post.

Musescore version 2.3.3, revision 4592407

The export process gets to about 45% and then jumps out.

In order to investigate we would need you to attach one of the scores giving you problems (all the ones you tried may have something in common). Also say what OS you are on.

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Thank you Marc, sorry for the delay, but things have been rather busy here. Actually, this particular problem seems to have resolved itself, but would you believe that on the way another one appeared. Some exported mp3 files were silent! I loaded them into Audacity just to check, and sure enough the trace was horizontal. However, re-exporting them produced correct results. Curious and curiouser.... Could be just a glitch on my system I suppose.

I will continue to investigate as at the moment MS seems to be working correctly. However, if the problem recurs I will upload the offending file.

Thank you for your time

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