General Style entries : order and manageability

• Dec 17, 2018 - 10:22

The dialog in Format -> Style ...
produces a list of 34 or so separate sub-dialogs. I assume that there was some kind of order to it (e.g. Score at the top), but the list is so long and unwieldy, that I suggest ordering it alphabetically. This would also take the guesswork of where to put a new sub-dialog.

This is different from
a) the Preferences dialog (10 tabs), which one can still grasp with a single view.
b) entries in the palette which are graphical and can be easily distinguished despite larger numbers.

Another options, which would probably be a lot more work, maybe a future version, is adding a search box in this dialog which would show the string matches, a la macOS / iOS Settings apps. E.g. if I search for "bracket" it would (amongst others) return the Tuplets sub-dialog as a screen that contains that string.


Every time we want to alphabetize something, the problem is that the order is not the same in every language... still, the order could be made more logical.

Another problem is that if you don't know the name of something. it makes it harder to find than a logical ordering. For example, people often suggest alphabetic order for palettes. To me, that's a disaster. Clefs, key signatures, and time signatures are adjacent in music and should be on the palettes do, no matter what language you speak.

Search is always good, though.

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