3.0 Beta's "Single Page" view

• Dec 19, 2018 - 03:40

In 3.0 Beta, the dropdown that allows to switch between Page View and Continuous View has a new "Single Page" option added. It seems to simply eliminate page boundaries and create a single page of infinite size, but still with limited system width as if the margins are still present. The result is similar to that of going into Preferences / Canvas and selecting to scroll pages vertically, except that page borders are not visible. What is the purpose of this feature? Was it useful for debugging layout in a simplified environment?


I didn't know this feature, discovering with your post.
I like it, for the scores that I don't print and read on computer only.

I haven't given it much thought, but now that I do, something I definitely like about it is that it is a score setting rather than a program preference. So in theory, you can leave the global prefer at horizontal, then have scores for single instruments / small ensembles set up as Single Page and scores for large ensembles set to Page View. Something I had long wanted and hadn't realized until now that I actually have :-)

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