MuseScore Note Spacing Problems and MuseScore has no fixed spacing ratio.

• Dec 23, 2018 - 07:32

In MuseScore, the spaces of some kinds of notes are not same normally. The upper system of this picture shows 1/8 notes have several length of spaces, and this is not good. In the lower system of the picture, 1/8 notes have only one length of spaces, 1/4 notes have too. Each kind of notes should have each length of space. Same kind of notes should have same length of spaces. I think this is better.

I found that MuseScore Always changes Spacing ratio. When I makes score by MuseScore, I Always measure each distance between notes and adjust space equal. It seems MuseScore has no fixed spacing ratio. This fact makes it hard to adjust spaces equal. When I adjust the spaces of one kind of notes, other kind of notes are not equal. I think Notation Software should have fixed spacing ratio in every system.

By the way, when I adjust spacing I use invisible rests and also adjust Segment in Inspector.
MuseScore3 doesn't allow me to use the way inserting invisible rests.

This is other spacing topic about tremolo.


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Sorry for the late reply, the notification was sent to my spam folder. It definitely looks better in 3.1, but my question was mainly to see if it will be possible one day to have control over the spacing ratio, and ideally to be able to have automatic proportional spacing if we want. I know that musescore does already a good job at this for "classical" scores, but in contemporary music, it is becoming more and more of a requirement to have a proportional spacing.
What 3.1 does now, default settings, no tweaking:
What I would like to have one day in ms (done in lilypond with one function):
Will this feature be one day possible? I'm just asking a question, because I don't know what would be the coding cost for it.

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No version of MuseScore has ever forced all eighths notes to have the same width on a system. While there are situations where, sure, that's a reasonable goal, it's not a rule that applies to all situations. So if you have some special requirement for equal spacing of eighths regardless of anything else, you can continue to get this via stretch, manual adjustments to position or leading space, use of invisible rests, etc.

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