MDL Pictograms

• Dec 24, 2018 - 19:25

Where are the pictograms for MDL? I have it installed but I can't find the pictograms anywhere. I'm running Musescore 3.


I Also Can't find the MDL pictograms and I installed MDL in musescore 3. The pictograms don't show up in the MDL workspace pallet, they are missing completely.

I know there are limitations to MDL in version 3 currently and the plan is to get it working soon. Perhaps someone with better info that I have will respond soon. Keep in mind it's already the evening in Europe where most of the contributors are.

They should add a MDL pictogram for shakers. There are different types of shakers out there.

Not to discourage You folks but you just put the generic ones like Maracas, Cabasa,Tambourine and sleigh bells.

I would like to suggest make more varieties of shakers like Soft Medium or loud Aluminum plastic or glass cylinder shakers, Chajachas, Somba Shaker, Egg shaker, Ganá, Caxixi, rain stick, Wood Waterfall rattler, Kokirko, Seed shaker etc.
You're progress has been very successful so far.
😃 Keep it up.

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