Musescore 3. Bug while playing with muted voice.

• Dec 26, 2018 - 12:04

There is a bug in Musescore 3 while playing only first voice (second voice muted):
When player arrives to a note that is shared by both voices, this note gets turned on and keeps sounding.
The bug does not show up while playing second voice (first voice muted).
I attach sample file.

Thank you very much for this wonderful Christmas present: Musescore 3 !!!!!


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Bug_in_Voice_Muting_Test.mscz 6.28 KB


It's even worse than you reported. The Mute button always mutes the entire instrument and the solo button acts as a mute button not a solo button.

Do you agree or am I doing something wrong.

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Sorry myke320:
I cannot replicate the Mute and Solo button behaviors you describe.
The bug I reported refers only to the checkmark squares for multiple voice staff.
The round buttons work OK for me. Perhaps some sample from your end would clarify your concern.
Regards and happy New Year!

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