Playback (and other) problems with 3.0

• Dec 26, 2018 - 23:01

Checking to see if any of these are known issues before raising a bug and uploading a score (which is a viola stave and piano stave, 300 bars long so not huge).

1) 3.0 is a lot less responsive than v2 - e.g. selecting a note and moving it up two semitones using the up arrow can take a second or more, in v2 it was pretty much instant response.

2) Can't really fast forward using right arrow key during playback - if just piano it behaves as v2 did, but with viola notes it skips to the next note about as fast as it would playback normally.

3) Clicking save while playing back results in a pause and then a whole set of notes being played at the same time, and playback stopping.

4) Occasionally during playback I get the 'whole set of notes' thing again, and the score skips forward a lot of bars and playback stops.

5) On importing from a v2 file, I often get time signatures and key signatures duplicated so they appear twice. I've tried deleting the second pair and occasionally Musescore just shuts down. On other occasions the time and key signatures reappear so they're duplicated again, despite having saved the file with only a single set of them.

6) If I apply a key signature to the viola stave, it is not applied to the piano stave - is this expected behaviour? I'm sure in v2 the key signature was applied to all staves in the file. There are also times when I've had to apply it manually to both the upper and lower clef of the piano staves.


1) we'd have to see the score, in general it should be oppposite

2) during playback it doesn't strike me as reasonable to expect to be able to do anything else and get good response

3 see above

4) could be autosave kicking in. we should really disable that

5) we need the score, this was a known problem in the first beta but was fixed weeks ago

6) No, this is not expected, again, we need the score and steps to reproduce (again, bugs int he first beta could sometimes cause this though). Do note that you can get this behavior if you want it by holding Ctrl when adding the key signature.

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1) Have uploaded the file, and also the last version of the v2 file that I imported into Musescore 3. If I create a new score from scratch in Musescore 3 it is as responsive as v2 so it may be something in the file.

2) v2 can do this fine and it is very useful, for skipping ahead sections without having to stop and move the cursor on, e.g. listening to 20 bars, skipping 20 bars and carrying on listening. In v3 if I listen to 20 bars and then press stop, the cursor is then still at the beginning of those 20 bars and I have to skip through from the beginning to get to bar 40 to carry on listening. If skipping during playback isn't a feature then the right arrow should be disabled during playback, rather than the malfunctioning that currently happens (again, this may be the particular score though).

nb: during playback if I click on a note ahead/behind of the currently playing note, I also sometimes get a 'dump' of audible notes before it carries on playing from where I clicked. This is useful for jumping back/forward a little to check out how different phrases sound, and something that v2 could do fine.

3) Again, v2 can save during playback, as could most sequencers I've used I think. if it doesn't work it should be disabled.

4) I tried setting the autosave to 1 min and managed to get through 5 mins of playback without a problem. This fault seems intermittent and I get the feeling it only happens during extended sessions, e.g. it wouldn't happen during a first play through, maybe after 20+ minutes of working on a file.

5) I imported the v2 file attached into Musescore v3, check through all the key/time signature changes and they were all fine. Clicked on a few notes, did a few short playbacks (one of which hung) and bar 24 then had duplicate time and key signatures, so hopefully this is something you can recreate and solve. Trying to delete the second time signature element shut down Musescore.

6) I think this only happens when I'm trying to correct the error in #5, so it could be a related problem.

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Okay this one is repeatable - I added a time signature of 4/4 at bar 284, and it showed 4/4 twice at the start of the bar. I deleted the second one, the first one remained, and the notes and barlines were still arranged in 9/4 (the previous time signature). I can't remember how I removed the other 4/4 marker (probably just deleted it), but now trying to add a time signature of 4/4 in bar 284 shuts down Musescore each time.

edit - and uploaded a screenshot of the 4/4 remaining but the bar still being treated as 9/4. The inspector shows the 4/4 in the top stave selected.

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I can confirm the issue in bar 284. The crash seems to have to do with the clef, might also be unique to continuous view (although I couldn't reproduce from scratch in a simple case). Can you please submit an official bug report to the issue tracker (eg, using Help / Report a Bug from within MuseScore)?

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Note for Bug #4: I can certify that the playback jumping happens mainly after 20+ minutes of working on a file because I've been working on one of my scores for at least 30 minutes, and when I played it back for a spot check, it just jumped like 10 measures. And yesterday, it did that a lot when I was listening to one of my more lengthy pieces. I'm just happy to know that I'm not going crazy!

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double time signatures:
I have observed a similar effect with an old V 2.3 arrangement and lots of time signature changes. I had already reported this for the beta version and it staed with the release. The double signatures shifted to others with reformating of the score. I assume it is somehow connected to the interpretation of line breakes, because it's a feature that the new time signature is already displayed at the end of a line as a hint when the next line starts with a different time signature. I hopefully got rid of it by exporting to XML and importing it again. But I had to do some format tweeks afterwards. So I hope that it is an isolated import V 2.x problem and can be fixed in the import filter. I haven't spent time in creating new scores in version 3 yet but I will keep an eye on that.

1) Could someone load the v3 file below into Musescore 3 and see if it is unresponsive? Just click on a note and press the up arrow to see how long it takes the pitch of the note to change - on my system it's half a second or more.

2) and 3) If the left/right arrows and the save button shouldn't be usable during playback, they should be disabled - let me know if I should log this as a bug/change somewhere.

4) I turned off autosave and the problem went away, so autosave should indeed be disabled during playback - again, let me know if I should log this somewhere.

5) and 6) Sounds like these may be fixed via the bug that was raised from this thread, I'll just work around this for now.

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There are already reports about saving during playback, so no need to open new ones.

There is no file attached to this post, but using the file attached to the other post, I'd say sure it's a tad sluggish, no more so than one would expect for a similarly large score in 2.x. Probably a bit better.

Are by chance working on a score that has parts, and trying to do playback from the part? If so, that's a known bug that is already fixed in current nightly builds.

If that's not what you mean, please attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem so we can investigate.

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