Can I use Qt 5.12 to develop on Windows?

• Dec 29, 2018 - 12:45

Can I use Qt 5.12 to develop on Windows?
Or does only 5.9 work as implied by… ?
(Go to the latest 5.9 version (5.9.7 for now))


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Thanks Jojo.

I have followed the instructions from…

and compiling the project is giving:

'QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor': base class undefined (compiling source file C:\dev\MuseScore\mscore\musescore.cpp) mscore c:\dev\musescore\mscore\startcenter.h 24

Can you help me please?

Opening the folder has generated the VStudio solution as expected and mscore has been set as started project, the dependencies have been found and C:\Qt\5.12.0\msvc2017_64\bin; is in the path environment variable

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It is compiling now, but execution is failing with:
"libvorbisfile.dll was not found."

The file with this name is present in C:\dev\MuseScore\dependencies\libx64
but this folder is not in the path variable, and I don't find any instruction asking to add it to the path.


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This line was skipped ... Set "Command" to $(ProjectDir)....\msvc.install_x64\bin\MuseScore3.exe

It is working now! I'm in the debugger hopefully to be able one day to help MuseScore dev.

Lot of things to remember about C++ first though (it is a long time ago).

Challenge one: find how to solve "Value is optimized away and not available" in the debugger.

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