Printing Parts

• Dec 31, 2018 - 01:32

My score has 4 staves: SA, TB and the usual 2 for Piano. I want to print the both parts SA and TB together (in other words everything but the piano).
How do I do it please?


Use the menu File->Parts and click the NEW button. On the right side put checks in the SA and TB boxes to include them. Above this you can change the part name from "Part" if you want to. When you click OK new tabs will appear below the one for the score you are working on. One will be the part you just created.

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You can select every part in the score if you want!

While in the score (not a part)

  • Go to the file->Parts... dialog
  • Click the "New" button, not "New all"
  • In the list of instruments, check all the instruments you want included in the part (In version 2 this list was on the right, in version 3 it's on the left, I forgot about that). In version 2, you check the parts, in version 3, you select a part and press the + button in the middle.
  • Where the word "Part" is in the box, type the name you want for the part if you want to. In version 2 this is the top right, in version 3 it's in the middle of the dialog box.
  • Click "OK"
  • Note the new tabs under the score tab, including the one with the name you type in place of "Part"

I have just discovered myself how to do it - I deleted the visible piano part in Edit - Instruments.
However I do have problems with Muse 3 - text is printed one on top of the other and cannot be changed manually.

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