Can't select instrument names in MuseScore 3.0

• Dec 31, 2018 - 19:52

I was Creating a score on MuseScore 3.0 and when I wanted to change one of the instruments' names & I couldn't select it.


Meanwhile, the official way to change instrument names or other instrument properties remains as ways, right-click the staff and choose Staff Properties.

I cannot find where to show or hide instrument names.

My staff properties show the instrument name as Flute / Fl. However, the names do not show in the score.

I have an 8 part choral score with some hidden staves and I can't get the Alto and Tenor parts to show their labels (either long names at he beginning or the abbreviations at the start of each stave). I've tried the above/below fixes, but no luck yet. Any ideas?

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