question about quitar tablature vs treble clef or bass clef

• Jan 1, 2019 - 15:11

If I select an instrument such as banjo using the tablature, would that instrument sound identical to the same instrument on treble clef (ie would banjo tab sound identical to banjo on the treble clef) ; or are there subtle differences between the two instruments so they sound differentt (ie if I selected two instruments with the same instrument name, but one is read on tablature and other on treble clef, will they sound different from each other? ) Thanks
I ask because I was thinking of having both the treble (or bass) clef instrument playing
with the tablature instrument underneath at the same time with one of the instruments muted, should they sound identical or if both are , in fact, the same instrument written in two different ways. Thanks

I highlighted what I mean in lime green and yellow in the document attached at the very beginning for banjo (being represented as the same instrument) or Irish tenor banjo (on treble and tab) as two different instruments that sound different from each other... also, they are the only enlarged instruments (200% scale) with attached staves...


As in that sample score the 2 banjo staves are not linked, they are technically 2 different instruments, so could potentially have different sounds. By default however they don't

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