Shortcut for "Zoom in" does not work

• Jan 1, 2019 - 17:49


I am using MuseScore in Windows 10.

While the shortcuts for "Zoom out" and "Zoom to 100%" work as expected, the shortcut for "Zoom in" (Ctrl+ +) does not work.

If I clear the default and change the shortcut setting to anything except "Ctrl+ +" it works.

Any thoughts?




Some more debugging: If I first click in the Zoom text box when one can manually enter a value and then try the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+ +", the canvas correctly zooms in.

My first thought was that another program might be claiming the shortcut, but other programs seem to handle the "Ctrl+ +" shortcut as expected (e.g., Google Chrome zooms in and Ms Word switches to superscript font) so I don't think that's it.

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Version 3.6.2 here on Windows 7.

Yes. For me CTRL+ Mouse wheel works
but CTRL++ , CTRL+ - , and CTRL+ 0 don't work
and they are standard hot keys for almost every program I've ever used.

I normally always use a touch pad on a desktop PC but have a mouse off to the side just in case.

I would really love it if this bug was fixed.

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MuseScore 3.6.2, Windows 10, Lenovo Y510P, UK QUERTY keyboard
For me these work:
CTRL+ Mouse wheel : zoom in or out
CTRL+ 0 : revert to 100% - works only using the zero on top row of numeric keys, on the ) key
CTRL+ + : zoom in - works only using the plus on the Numpad block
CTRL+ - : zoom in - works using either the minus on the Numpad block or the minus on top row of numeric keys

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As noted elsewhere, unfortunately every system is a little different in terms of how they send keycodes. On some, + is its own key; on others it is really Shift+=. On some keyboards, 0 is its own key, on others it is Shift + something. Some keyboards have two different 0 keys - a standard one and a numeric one - and they send different key codes. And so on. Add to that the fact that Windows 7 is obsolete and no longer supported even by Microsoft, and so it's not realistic to give preferential treatment to the particular way that systen sends keycodes when it conflicts with how more current systems do. So anyhow, if you find that on your particular system, some particular keycodes are not being sent in the expected way, just go to Edit / Preferences and redefine them. Simply re-using the existing keys may well work, as they are apparently sending codes other tyhan the ones expected.

BTW, on a touchpad, in case you didn't know, two-finger swipe is usually the equivalent of mouse wheel, so you shouldn't need a physical mouse here.

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