Merging rest bars

• Jan 2, 2019 - 16:38

I am trying to figure out how to create a 3 bar rest, place a rehearsal mark at that point and then do a further 4 bars rest etc. Any help would be gratefully received!! Many thanks in advance (this forum never lets me down!! ) . Peter


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same thing, have a score with enough empty successive measures, place the rehearsal marks, press M
The rehearsal marks are needed to interrupt the multi measure rests. Instead you could also use a special barline, a key or time sig change , a clef change, a staff or system text, or even just set a measure's properties to break multimeasure rests. All prior to enabling them...

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One thing I noticed in you picture is that your rehearsal marks look the same as measure numbers. If you don't know, enter the first rehearsal mark with the measure number then use the palette to enter successive rehearsal marks and the will automatically keep measure numbers. As Jojo indicated, enter them with multi measure rests turned off then turn them on and they will automagically be split as you want.

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