Masking around music markings

• Jan 2, 2019 - 19:37

The collision engine in Musescore 3.0 is powerful and effective, but there are some instances in which it is just not possible to avoid collisions (for instance, certain commissions will demand specific engraving rules or use particular markings). It would be nice to have either a flexible mask in palettes (akin to importing and manipulating a white square svg), or a checkbox in the inspector that would draw a border that negates other drawn lines within a certain border.


If an item moves, but you don't want it to, then remove the check from "Automatic placement" for it in the inspector (F8). You can then adjust it's position if needed.

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That's not the issue, though. As I said, the automatic placement is fine, but there are some instances where I want to overlap scoring elements (for instance, putting a crescendo between two linked staves. Using the attached image as an example, Musescore places the hairpin over linked stafflines. I think it would go a ways towards professionalism and aestheticism if there were an easy way to have some masking to clean up intentional collisions.

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I see. Now I understand what you want. I've seen discussion of making this happen before. I agree it should be automatic that connected barlines are broken to allow other items to be on top of them. I don't think there is an official suggestion at, but I'm not sure of all the words I might search to find one. Feel free to see if it exists and express your support for it if you find one, or start a new issue as a suggestion.

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