Third part not showing full name

• Jan 3, 2019 - 19:10

I couldn't find anyone posting about this, but on Musescore 3, the third instrument from the top is " Flute III", (both short and long name are the same), but for some reason, it is only displayed as "Flute" on a first page, and "Fl." on any other, this doesn't happen to any other part, the file is from Musescore 2, and this doesn't happen there.


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Sorry I found the issue, Flute III had an invisible Piccolo to flute instrument switch that when I deleted it on Musescore 2, and reopened that on Musescore 3, the name Flute III was there and wasn't renamed to Flute/Fl.
So it seems that on Musescore 3, instrument switches might mess with the part name? Because on staff properties it still said Flute III as the part name, even though it displayed Flute/Fl.

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Ohh I see how that can be very helpful as before I could name rename parts to accommodate instrument changes, how in this case since it was a third flute and I couldn't rename the part after the instrument change myself there was no indication that it was the third flute, only that it's a flute part. But if the part after the instrument change could be renamed independently from anything before the change, that would make life much easier.
I just learned something new, sorry about that, it looked like a bug to me. Thanks!

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