Another MS3 glitch--cursor seems to stick sometimes? Redux

• Jan 5, 2019 - 21:09

Some of the 3.0 glitches seem to have been resolved [Thanks all of you!], but, going back to it today to try it, I find that the cursor still hangs up on midi keyboard input. When I go on to the next note and input it on the midi keyboard, the new note still overwrites the previous note entered. The only workaround is to manually advance the cursor with the right arrow key or to use the qwerty keys. Keep at it!


Can you please be more specific - attach a sample score and precise steps to reproduce the problem? Also, it isn't clear if you are using a nightly build or the official release.

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Note the rests in the pickup measure and measures 2,3,4 in the 1st Bb cornet part and compare this line to the Eb cornet part directly above. While different pitches, the rhythms [except in measure 1] should all be the same. Each of the missed notes were the result of using the midi keyboard to input the note. Each time, the cursor did not advance. The only way I got the Eb part correctly was to manually advance the cursor using the right arrow--very frustrating and very slow doing that.

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Seeing the score after something went wrong isn't often helpful, unfortunately. We would normally need to see the score before the problem, then give us precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem. As in:

1) click first note of measure 2 in Bb cornet party
2) press "N"
3) select quarter note duration
4) on MIDI keyboard press "D" above middle etc.


In this particular case, I can make a guess at what the problem is, though. It seems likely you are seeing a known bug where a rest gets entered instead of a note if you enter the same pitch twice. If the part with the problem was supposed to have repeated notes, then it's a known issue, already fixed in the nightly builds and in the next update. See #280715: Identical subsequent notes disappear on MIDI input.

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I can tell you this: the missing note is in each case the same as the following note. That sounds odd to me, logically, but that is the case each example. You can use the Bb cornet 2 line beneath and input the same thing as Cornet 1, using the note [same pitch] following the errant rest if you want to duplicate this.

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Thanks, Mike 320. Your help here is much appreciated.
Due to the following quote, I think I will just use MS2 for another week:
A file saved from a nightly build may not open in a future nightly or any released version. Use at your own risk.
I would hate to write it and subsequently, lose it.

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What you says it true, but the format of 3.0 files has been set. That warning is related to the development version, which does not exist at the moment. I have no fear of losing work using a 3.x nightly. I used 2.x nightlies for about a year with no issues before the 2.x branch was frozen. At that time the 3.0 branch was available, but very unstable and I didn't use the 3.0 branch at all.

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This is a good observation, we should probably look at changing that wording to encourage more testing of the nightlies. There was a period during which things were "in flux" and we couldn't guarantee compatibility, and that message was good to have then. But those days are gone (at least for now, maybe at some point we'll branch off for development of MuseScore 4 and then those nightlies will be similarly unstable.

There is also the question of whether nightly builds use "MuseScore3" or "MuseScore3Development" settings and some other details to consider, but ultimately, I would like to see the nightlies "rebranded" a bit to make them seem like more viable options for people wanting to test the latest changes in an actual production environment.

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FYI, a nightly is not an upgrade to the stable version, but rather an independent version that can run at the same time as the stable version. Unzip the file you downloaded and unzip it according to the instructions. You will need to run the musescore3.exe file or do as I did and put a shortcut to it and place it where it's easy to see but obviously not the stable version's shortcut.

When I download a new nightly, I unzip it right on top of the old one and all of my previous preferences are still set, just the main program basically gets changed along with some other minor things like translations. Best of all, the shortcut still works.

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