Big adjustment with { / } it's rare? a bug?

• Jan 11, 2019 - 20:26

transposing lots of charts, and I us ethe { or } to shrink or expand bars often.

But, occasionally I get a line, where the result is a BIG shrink or BIG expand (?)

Can not seem to work around it ...

Can not predict it either.

All my other charts lay out nice, as I can do 1/8" adjustments with { or }

and now ... it's 1/2" either way minimum ... yuck!

(I am guessing it is something in "settings / preferences" (?) that may be in error for this One chart?


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Your score has some crazy stretch values - each measure is set to 0, which is to say, to make them as narrow as possible. At least they are all equal in this crazy stretch, which is why you don't see a problem until you start messing with it. But as soon as you increase the stretch of one measure a notch (to 0.1), it's suddenly infinitely more stretch (literally) which is why that measure expands to take all available space.

Solution is to start over with your stretching by selecting all and resetting stretch.

If you pay attention you will probably notice that the big adjustments are a result of the number of measures on the system with the measure you are adjusting has changed. If, for example, you have 4 measures on a system and press } several times it is not unexpected that the last measure will move to the next system. It's possible that using { on all of the measure you want included on the system will restore the measure count, but is not guaranteed depending on the contents of the other measures. You may also not like the results of squishing these measures on the system. Using { causes a similar situation, execpt another measure from the next line has room to move up. This can be prevented by putting a system break on the last measure of the systems before and after the system you are working on.

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