Voices lyrics vertical position

• Jan 12, 2019 - 00:36

Hi, gang!!!

I wonder if we can expect the new MuseScore edition have an automatic voices lyrics vertical position, when we copy and paste two (or more) voices from separate staves to just one (staves reduction to save paper space).

Today, the lyrics of the voices are put in a single vertical line, which is useful when two voices have the exact same rhythmic figures, BUT... When the voices have different rhythm... It is a mess!!!

Also... There are a few moments when MuseScore separates into two vertical lines the voices lyrics, but... The voice 1 lyrics (superior or high pitch voice) is put into the lower vertical line. I think it is wrong. Just my idea.


Can some MuseScore team expert brain to change and fix it, please?

Blessings and Greetings from Chile!!!



Can you give an example of what you mean - attach a score? Also, are you talking about the older version (2.x) or the current version (3.0)?

It's possible in either version to have lyrics both above and below the staff, but definitely easier in 3.0.

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