Where is the STart Centre

• Jan 12, 2019 - 04:28

I know this is a silly question but I have read the handbook, read through the Mastering Musescore, put Start Centre in Search for both Musescore.com and Musescore.org and cannot find the Start Centre to commence writing my scores. I understand all the lessons etc. but I just cannot find the Start Centre. I am annoyed with myself because it must be so simple. Can someone please advise?


The Start Center should display when you first start MuseScore (hence the name) - you don't need to do anything special to display it. If you've closed it. you can re-open it with View / Start Center.

But - you don't need the Start Center to do; it's mostly just a convenience for showing you your most recently opened scores. If you want to write a score, just go to File / New - no need to open the Start Center first.

This assumes you actually downloaded and installed MuseScore onto your computer and are running it. If you're trying to create scores using a web site, that's not going to happen - you need to do this using MsueScore on your computer. So if you haven't installed it yet, see the Download menu above on this page.

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