Decrease grand stuff spacing locally

• Jan 13, 2019 - 18:37

Is there a way to decrease the spacing between the two parts of a grand staff for only a single system? I have a piece of piano music that mostly looks good, so I don't want to change the general setting for grand staff spacing. However, there are a couple of systems where the space between right and left hands is empty (notes happen to be high in the right hand and low in the left hand). This same page is crowded overall, so I'd like to use some of that empty space inside the grand staff to get systems further apart. (Adding spacers to increase distance between systems results in an additional page, which I don't want). Can this be done?


Also in MuseScore 3, you can simply decrease the grad staff distance globally, and MuseScore will automatically increase it where needed, leaving it at the minimum value where it can. That's the preferred solution.

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