Problem with XML Export

• Jan 14, 2019 - 15:36

I try to practice piano with the Piano Marvel program.

The program needs XML files.

What I have done

  • I created a file in Musicsore
  • I put the fingerings over the notes
  • I export the file as * .musicxml and * .mxl

Problem in "Pianomarvel"

  • The fingerings are not directly above the notes.
  • The fingerings are above the staff line.
    (The stems cover the fingerings)
  • The fingerings for the proposal notes are missing.

- I exported the mxl and musicxml after"Final Notepad"
- In Finale Notepad I saved this again as an xml file.

Result in "PianoMarvel":
- The fingerings are correctly above the note OK.
- The fingerings of the proposal notes are missing.

Here is the PDF with the errors and pictures

The XLM-files are attached

I would be grateful for any help.


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Here are missing –
- the 2nd and 3rd stanzas
- the Guitarchords
The fingerings are no longer under the notes.
The fingerings are only on one line
Please look at the picture in the Appendix


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I do see a lot of problems with finger positions being retained, particularly whe there are multiple fingerings on a chord. Can you upgrade to 3.0.1 and redo the .mscz and .musicxml files and explain what the issue is in This will bring it to the attention of programmers looking at fixing this. Someone is actually working on guitar fingerings and this may be able to be incorporated into his fix.

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I have the latest version.
OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 06a66a2

Picture 1
mscz created in Musicscore eported to musicxlm

picture 2
musicxlm import in PianoMarvel

There are still problems with the export * .mscz-to xml or musicxml.
The fingerings are written together at the chord.
(I sent an e-mail to the developer, thanks for the tip)

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Fingersatz PianoMarvel import.jpg 119.81 KB

I had a problem with my left side being cut off on importing to Piano Marvel. Try going into Page Settings (right click on your music). I made my margins bigger so nothing would get cut off on the export. I had to make this one at 22.00 mm all around, and it worked. So when I export the MIDI and XML with MuseScore, and then do the import to Piano Marvel, nothing is cut off anymore. I hope this helps. I have not had any problem with the fingerings. I am on Musescore Version

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