V2/V3 Update

• Jan 16, 2019 - 09:26

I'm confused (easily done I admit)

I'm running both V3 and V2 on my PC.

I've noted from facebook & the Forum that there is an update for V3 so I started V3 (3.0.0 4747) today expecting it to tell me an update was available. It didn't, so I used the help menu to check for an update and the program told me I was running the latest version.

I then started V2 and this time it told me an update was available, v3.01. r06aa2.
I would have expected that message from V3 NOT V2.

So how do I get my V3 to update when the menu tells me there is none available and I'm running the latest version when obviously I'm not? I certainly don't want to lose my current V2.


Where did you get that outdated version from? If you downloaded and installed today as your post indicates, you should have gotten 3.0.1, not the 3.0RC from before December 24th

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Apologies, didn't mean to mislead anyone. I downloaded V3 quite some time ago and thought it would update automatically now a new version is available, Didn't realise I was running the RC and NOT the "proper" version.

I'll just download the correct version and continue.

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