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• Jan 16, 2019 - 15:49

I deal in a lot of hymns and church music. While inputting multiple verses under each other, I used to colour the lyrics to odd verses one colour, even verses another colour so it was easy for musiciand to pick up the right lyrice on each stave (see attached). I did this my highlighting one lyric on the stave, right click/text style/select colour/apply and hey presto. This option has gone in MuseScore 3 and doesn't seem to be available in the text style changes tab. HELP!

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Fascinating to find someone else who does exactly the same as I do - for the same purpose! I've found a workaround. Select a line of lyrics, right click, > select > more. There should be a popup with a box showing "Element Type" as "Lyrics", and another box offering the "same subtype", which should have an entry "Verse "n" ". You check the box by the subtype, click "ok", then in the Inspector you can change the colour of all lyrics in that verse.

You do have to select each line of lyrics one at a time, so it's not as powerful as the format/style/text styles/Lyric odd lines or Lyric even lines - but that has been identified as a bug and no doubt will get fixed in due course.

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After further testing I found the secret to make highlight work.

Select a frame type (circle or square)
Click the rectangle next to Highlight

In this dialog,
* select you color
* set the Alpha Channel to something greater than 0. The higher the number the darker the highlight. A good number is color dependent.

Note: I was writing a bug report and verifying steps to reproduce the problem and noticed the alpha defaults to 0.

Does anyone know if it's possible to colour lyrics seperately? I want to write below each note it's name (C - D - E...) and I want it on the corresponding colour: C red, D orange, E yellow and so forth.

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