Files made in 3.0.1 don't open in 2.3.2

• Jan 17, 2019 - 12:24

This morning at home I downloaded the latest update and worked on some scores. Then I went to work and downloaded the update on my work computer but it won't install - perhaps because it is windows 7?? Then I tried to open the scores I had made at home in the old version of musescore 2.3.2 but they won't open because they are made in a newer version of musescore. Can I backwards save files in 3.0.1 so they can be opened in 2.3.2?


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Files made in 2.x can be read in 3.x without problem, although you might have to adjust some layout. Files made in 3.x cannot be read in 2.x, by design. 3.x has new stuff in it that 2.x doesn't understand. That's why it's a different version number. Don't delete your 2.x versions of the files until .... well, for a long time, until you are absolutely certain that the 3.0 version is exactly what you want. I have hundreds of 2.x files, and upgrade to 3.x all the time, and never go back.

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You don't have to transfer scores to version 3. You can keep both versions 2 & 3 on your computer so you don't run into problems trying to transfer all of your version 2 scores to version 3. Version 3 is technically not an upgrade from version 2 though it will open version 2 scores.

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