SATB Recorder Instrument Names

• Jan 18, 2019 - 09:58

Suggestion to change instrument names for Descant and Treble recorders to Soprano and Alto - that is standard SATB names. It looks odd when choosing Descant/Soprano and the score shows as full instrument name 'Descant Recorder' and the short instrument name is 'S. Rec'. Same with Treble/Alto. It's only these 2 that mix up the terminology.


Which version of MuseScore, what language setting?
There is no "Descant Recorder" nor "Treble Recorder" in MuseScore's instruments.xml, not in 3(.0.1) at least, nor in 2.3.2

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Version 3.0.0, revision 3543170.
System language (which is English).
See attached combined screenshot - score, instrument list and stave/part properties.
I actually just checked and my system language is set to UK english which shows the descant and treble. Just changed Musescore to US English and now show Soprano and Alto in the 'All' instrument listing. Didn't know there was more than one English - how good is Musescore!
So for me all is good - just changed the language to US english.

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Hmm, so a bug in the British English translations?
Indeed, by me, 3 years ago, don't remember why though.
Ah, found it:

Soprano & Alto recorder are called Descant & Treble in the UK

And I seem to have forgotton to change the short instrument names along with this, guess I'd better to that now. (Edit: done, including a comment)

Or revert to Soprano and Alto recorder?
See also

But please update to 3.0.1 first (one reason: translations for 3.0.0 are frozen)

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Thanks guys. I'm in Australia - we tend to use British English for spellings etc - such as colour rather than color, but in other things we go for the more universal US English, including such as this SATB. My computer is set to UK English so Musescore has used this as System language. Just looked in the status bar - ah, the teminology - crotchet, quavers etc versus quarter, half notes etc. I have swapped Musescore to US English.
I'll update to 3.01 right now.

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