3 newbie questions!

• Nov 21, 2015 - 20:06

I've been using MuseScore for 4 whole hours and am amazed! It seems to do almost everything I need and incredibly easily & quickly. Having created my first score, I have 3 questions which I can't find answers to: any help gratefully received.

1. How can I add a new instrument to the instrument list? It shows :data/instruments.xml as the location of the instruments file, but that doesn't exist.

2. There is an End Bar barline: where is the Start Bar barline (reverse of End Bar)?

3. How can I add 8va to a clef, eg a bass clef with a small 8 just above?


3. Enable the Advanced Workspace, there you'll find more clefs, including ones with 8vb and 8va
2. There is none
1. Why? What instrument is missing?

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3. Excellent!
2. Shame: seems an obvious thing to want.
1. I'm writing for recorders at the moment, so need Sopranino, Descant, Treble, Tenor, Bass & Gt Bass. Tr T & B I can select from Vocal, but it would be great to select any combination of those 6 as a group. Where is the list of instruments held, so I can edit it?

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It's actually a start barline I'm after: in all the published music I've used (for several instruments, not piano alone) the left side of each line has a thick then thin barline extending over all the staves, with a bracket top & bottom: FirstBar.jpg

But I'm being picky: I'll have a look at the Symbols palette & in any case the double barline will do fine.

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You'll find it in the "Brackets" palette.

1) Drag it to any staff (I usually drag to the first, but probably it is not important)

2) Double click on it (or select and press the [E] key) to enter edit mode on it

3) Drag the end handle to the point where you want it to end

4) Click elsewhere (or press the [Esc] key) to exit edit mode

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Ah yes - that's not a barline but rather a system bracket. Those are indeed common, and are set up explained above. Once you have set it up, they are automatically generated for each system and are automatically updated as the layout changes - unlike true barlines, which you attach to a specific measure and it remains attached to that measure.

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