dumb "hide" Q

• Jan 18, 2019 - 22:25

I should be able to figure this out, but....

I have a linked Acoustic guitar staff and its assoc. TAB staff. Works fine. I want to hide the clef staff on display and printed page but have it still be part of score for maybe future use.

On the I panel/pane, there is a "visible check box." But it hides both staves. Am on ver 2.0.2
I tried "staff prop" but did not see anything there either.
How do I hide one-or-tether at my choice?




Just have one staff and change it to standard or tab as you need to. You can do this in the instruments dialog. (Press i) Why are you still on version 2.0.2?

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cuz I'm a "scaredy-cat" dumbo. I had so much trouble going win-xp > win 7/64
and a HD failure, but got old working to read in new case, new desk top
and then trying to decide on a D drive, what to put onto it.

I think now I've got MuseScore spread between C and D.
and things are stable now for ~2yrs. Am dreading going to Win10, but that's when I
will upgrade MuseScore.



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Sounds like you're older than I am and the technology scares you. If you want to try out 3.0.1 (which is a little unstable still) or 2.3.2, which is more stable, you can do either without overwriting your 2.0.2. Reply here, and someone will walk you through either process.

You didn't respond to my suggestion the you have one staff and use the instruments dialog to switch between tablature and standard staff as you need to.

The other option is to create two independent instrument. Enter the score on one instrument and copy everything to the other instrument - in the same score. You can then use File->Parts to create a pitched part and a tablature part so you can display each whenever you want. The disadvantage of this, is that you must remember to copy any changes in one to the other.

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I just found a solution I know works in 2.3.2, but you can test it in version 2.0.2 to see if it works.

  • create a guitar score (use either standard or tablature as you like)
  • Enter some notes into the score
  • Create a part that is named properly for the type of staff in your main score and consists of that instrument. (use File->Parts to create a part).
  • Return to the main score and change the type of staff in the instruments dialog (from standard to tab or tab to standard) and click OK
  • Create another part for this type of staff

Now one part has a standard staff and the other has a tablature staff. I would always edit the score in the main score, not in a part. I don't know how well the two parts will communicate with each other, but the main score will add most items to both parts.

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