Layout and staff repositioning problem

• Jan 19, 2019 - 11:20

I have just installed Musescore 3 on Mac. When I change something in the layout (like page margin, spaces, frame), so that Musescore have to repositioning the staff on the page, often I have something like the image below or the staffs appear overwritten. Sometimes it's enough to save the file for resolve and see the right view or just play it but now I have this file blocked like this image and I can't undestand because there's so much space between the 2 staff only for this few measures.
Does anybody had the same problem?

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Ok, that about this file; now it's blocked with this layout. But this gap between the image on the screen and what the score truly is is always a problem with all the files. First I thought that was because the file is quite heavy but it happen even for one page score.
It's boring I must save the file every time to see what is on the paper.
Sorry for my english, may be I'm not clear

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I try to explain better.
With the file attached even when I save it the page doesn't fix. The Shoichi's uploaded one works (don't ask me why). One problem is solved.

I write here because the problem looks a bug, with the vers. 2 never happened.
On one page document when I save all works right, with 20 pages too. During the note or spaces input is the problem: sometimes the staffs become wide like the image or look overwritten; all the lines on one. When I try to play it the bar scroll over the staff, playing the right note but you can't read it on the screen because are all on one line.
If I'm the only with this problem may be it's a ram or system problem and has nothing to do with musescore.
I have the Mac Os Mojave 10.14.2

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