Dealing with glossary false positives in Transifex

• Jan 19, 2019 - 14:29

Hello everyone
Transifex is adamant that glossary mismatches in translations render segments unreviewable.
In quite a number of cases in the Afrikaans translation, Transifex fails to see that the glossary was followed correctly, and consequently marks the segment as problematic, and there seems to be no way to mark a segment as "reviewed" if it has been marked as problematic. One consequence of this is that whenever we try to filter out reviewed segments, the problematic segments end up in the same list as non-reviewed ones.
How can we solve this? Transifex's glossary checking feature is quite primitive (it works only for non-concatenating languages, e.g. if the glossary entry is "number = nommer", and the translation contains "segmentnommer", then Transifex thinks that "nommer" does not occur in the translation). I don't mind Transifex showing me glossary matches, but its glossary checking utility is worthless. Is there a way to turn it off?


Makring as reviewd does work, only the 'alert' on the string still shows, not more than a glich IMHO.
And I strongly disagree with switching it off, not for this reason surely

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