Musescore 2 to 3 oddity

• Jan 19, 2019 - 15:26

I created a score in 2 point something and have opened it in 3. Most everything is hunky dory. However (as you'll see in the screenshots) where there was a 4 bars rest before a repeat, MS3 has made it 3 bars(with repeat sign) followed by 1 bar (with repeat sign). Well that's ok, I can delete the spurious repeat bar using an ordinary bar line. BUT how do I the get the 3 + 1 bars to join into 4 bars of rest?
I have a horrible feeling I should know how to do this....
Oh by the way, it's all fine in the full score. No erroneous things happening there.

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and I don't suspect it's just my score BUT I decided to alter the last 2 bars of the trumpets and inadvertently did this in MScore 2point something. No problem thought I. I'll just ctrl C and paste it into the version that is currently "on hold" in MScore3.

Well no! It won't paste into 3. Is that another little bug?

attachment 1 trumpets altered in MScore 2

attachment 2 trumpets NOT altered in MScore 3

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