Play Won't Work!

• Jan 19, 2019 - 15:34

No matter what I select it won't play! I can't use the play button or the spacebar and there is no Play Panel for me to use. The play button and the whole playback bar is unselectable. I tried with other scores and it still won't let me.


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Which MuseScore version do you use and which operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux?)? Under Windows it can work again after a new start of MuseScore. Also it can be helpful under Windows if you select the "Windows Soundmapper - Output" in the I/O section under Device in the settings of MuseScore. In any case something useful has to be selected under device.

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But otherwise the sound works on your computer? For example, you can listen to sheet music in your web browser at
Is an output device displayed in the category Sound in the Windows settings (there under System, then select Sound)? E.g. something like "Realtek Digital Output", that's what I see there, or it's empty or grayed out. The easiest way to access the Windows settings is to press the Windows key and I at the same time. Have you used MuseScore 2 on this computer before? Did the sound work there?

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Really difficult to say, I also had a somewhat delayed playback compared to MuseScore 2. The sound started a bit slower, but at least I could hear something. That's why I was interested in your problem. Maybe you should try the very latest developer version to see if the bug still exists. Almost every day there is an unofficial version of MuseScore 3 that has already been bugfixed. These versions are available here:
On this page you will also find instructions on how to get it to work. It's a bit more effort than the normal installation of a program, but also not too difficult. Differently than described, I take however always the second file from above (i.e. I depend on the current date in the file name). Otherwise I would use MuseScore 2 for now and wait for new official versions.

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So same questions for you - did you try all the suggestions given in the article linked in previous response, and if so, and none of them worked, please tell us the version of MuseScore and your OS.

MS 3.6, MacOS 11.1.
It worked yesterday, but today there is no synthesizer. Tried resetting to defaults and restarting the engine to no avail.

None of the advice in this thread has done anything. The program just chose to disable playback. I go to preferences/I/O/Port Audio and it will not allow me to select anything there

  • Play button is greyed out and spacebar does not work
  • In the "view" menu, Mixer, Synthesizer, and "Play" panel are all greyed out
  • Reset to factory settings, no change
  • Restarted audio settings in the I/O tab, no change
  • Checked my Windows volume mixer directly: Musescore is not even one of the applications in it anymore
  • Using Musescore Version, Revision 3224f34
  • Using Windows 10 Pro 21H2\
    I'm going to try uninstalling and reinstalling.

I had this problem and couldn't bothered with going through all the steps, mostly because playback did work with other scores. I found that playback before a certain "D.S al Coda" worked (but not after) so I removed the DS al Coda and voila - now it worked.

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Then you had a completely different problem than the ones reported here. The roadmap of your score probably made it so those measure after that certain point would never be played according to standard notation (thus including not being played by humans following your score as well).

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