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• Jan 20, 2019 - 06:16

Hello. I just updated to musescore 3 earlier tonight, and I've noticed an issue on playback for individual parts. For example, with musescore 2, if i had a duet with a flute and a clarinet but I just wanted to see and hear the flute part, I would create a new part and on the playback it would only play the flute voice. With MS 3 on part playback, it plays all the voices in the score regardless of whether or not you're viewing the full score or an individual part. Is there a way to get around this or is it just a bug that needs to be fixed?


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thank you for the tip, but that does not necessarily solve my issue. lowering the volume with the mixer mutes the part in all tabs. I'm trying to do what I could do in v2, have a tab that plays the entire score and another tab that plays the individual parts and be able to switch between them seamlessly

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hm, that helps, but is there a way I could do this without having to open the mixer every time I wanted to switch voices? Like If I switch to the flute part, it plays the flute voice, if I switch to the clarinet part, it plays the clarinet voice, if i switch to the main score it plays all voices, etc... If not, I suppose I could learn to get used to the mixer (or I could just keep using MuseScore 2)

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