Auto-saving and MIDI input

• Jan 22, 2019 - 08:52
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Dear MuseScore team:
I am very appreciate your work and this is a great application, even more amazing that it is free. However, I got some small problems when I using it, here are some of those that annoying me the most.
1. Auto-saving. Once my computer battery dead, the computer automatically shut off. The good thing is that unsaved project is still there once I restarted my computer, so I think it automatically saved for me before it shut down. Soon, I saw a new version update (MuseScore 3) notification. I turned that project off, and it DOES not ask me to save the project first, BUT, when I reopen it, most of my work are gone... just left me the first 7 measures. I have no idea why is this happened to me, is there something wrong I made or it is a bug?
2. MIDI input delay. When it at the version 2, it is perfect, not a single problem when I use my MIDI keyboard. Now, the same setup, with the version 3, when I play a key on my keyboard, it has a delay between me pressing the key and the software feedback the sound. Even worse when play chords, huge delay when play a little fast.
Thanks for your help and hope it is just something wrong I made, please help me set up my software correctly.
warm Regards.


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Can you explain what you mean by #1 in more details? MsueScore 3 most certainly asks you to save your work if you try closing a file with unsaved changes. If you say no, it is correct that the work you chose not to save will be gone. My guess is you accidentally touched the mouse at the wrong time and thus answered "no" to the question about saving before you even noticed the dialog appear. If you have some particular sequence of steps in which MuseScore does not prompt you to save, that would be a bug, and we would need you to attach your score and the precise steps to reproduce the problem.

The MIDI issue is separate, best to ask for help on the forum first about that. One or two other people have mentioned this, maybe those of you with the problem can figure out between you what the common element is.