No double repeat barline (start/end repeat) in MS3

• Jan 22, 2019 - 17:46

MuseScore 3.0.1 seems to lack a barline for start/end repeat (the :|: barline).

This can even be seen even in the screenshot in the documentation:

Contrast the same page for MuseScore 2, where the start/end repeat barline is available:


Came up several times already, even today.
That end/start repeat barline in 2.x was really a fake, just add an end barline in measure N and a start repeat barline in measure N+1

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"That end/start repeat barline in 2.x was really a fake"
I often see this question as well. A fake? Can you more elaborate?
And how was it a problem (issue?) to keep it in the palette, since users found it useful and are unpleasantly surprised that they no longer see it: two birds were killed with one stone, saving time, making it easier, etc.?

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We may be able to put this back into the palette, but currently ut doesn't seem possible (not in a custome workspace/palette at least), as it'd require 2 elements getting added at the same time into the same palette cell. The end/star rebeat barline in 2.x was really only one barline, but got special cased in the score to split into 2 on system breaks. This was a hack that had been removed.

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Hmm... looks like the end/start repeat second design eliminates the 'thin bar line' at the repeat dots.
How should it behave if, as changes are made to the score, it splits into 2 on a system break?
That is, should the (missing) thin lines get added to the dots whenever the end/start repeat is split; and then removed again if the split repeat gets moved back onto one system?

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