A lot of problems with versions

• Jan 22, 2019 - 18:14

About a week ago, MuseScore suddenly stopped working, without warning. I thought that maybe a license had run out. Maybe you wanted me to reinstall the program and pay a license fee. Who knows? I got no information.

So I deleted the MuseScore icon and tried to reinstall. The installation failed, with no explanation. Then I found myself paying a fee of 50 dollars (I think) a year for a program that didn't work. So I cancelled the subscription and I was very irritated. Then today, when I was looking for something else on my computer, I found by chance an icon to uninstall MuseScore. So I did that and reinstalled version 3. The installation sort of worked, but I got and still get a lot of strange messages that I don't understand. I am repeatedly asked to do some conversion of some file that I have already said I want to update.

All VERY VERY buggy and not a very professional way to update your software.

Sorry to be so critical.


David LeCorney

My email address is: davidclecorney@gmail.com


MusesScore comes free, no costs whatsoever, including handbook and support here on musescore.org
Not so the mobile app (Andoid/iOS) though and the score sharing platform on musescore.com

The verion you installed today is no different than the one a week ago, 3.0.1
You can also and in parallel have MuseScore 2 (2.3.2 is the latest) installed

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