Musescore 2 &3

• Jan 22, 2019 - 22:42

I really wish that you could transfer files from musescore 2 to musescore 3. It makes it annoying because I have a score that needs pizzicato and now they added it! Also, to be honest, i love musescore 3 more. Can you guys maybe add transferring? What do you guys who are reading this think?


Guys, I found a way to fix it! When you open Musescore 2, click the folder. Copy one of your scores. Go on musescore 3. In that file, paste the musescore 2 file!

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To "transfer" a file from 2 to 3, navigate from 3 to the version 2 location and open the score. You can then use save and Musescore will prompt you to save it somewhere besides on top of the version 2 score. This is a good idea so you can keep the version 2 score as a backup for the time being and you will be able to distinguish between version 2 & 3 scores.

BTW, though, you can also add pizzicato in 2, just add it as staff text and set the playback properties yourself as explained in the Handbook. But indeed, now its right there in the palette thus saving a few seconds.

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