Horizontal scrolling

• Jan 23, 2019 - 18:39

Could you make it so when you use the horizontal score view and you scroll it goes left and right instead of up and down? And when you press Shift + scroll it scrolls vertically?


The current scroll is normal. I didn't even have to read how to do it, it's like other programs I've used. Why would you want it different?

In reply to by James Colling

In case it isn't clear, scrolling works as per most programs - scroll wheel or equivalent touch gesture (e.g., two-finger swipe) by itself scrolls vertically, or with Shift it scrolls horizontally. This is true whether in note input mode or not. Some devices (eg,Mac trackpads, but also at least one Windows computer and one Chromebook I use) support horizontal two-finger swipe directly.

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